About Us


Our Purpose: BEYOND Ordinary

What we Value: We embrace each other’s humanity

Gladstone Community Linking Agency is committed to working to an agreed organisational vision and set of values, using these to inform our planning and service delivery. Specifically,

Staff and Committee members believe that the best way to ensure recognition of rights for people is to operate under the principles of ‘Social Role Valorisation’ and work towards five strategic focus areas:

  • Organisation
  • Customers
  • Staff and Volunteers
  • Families
  • Community

What We Believe

Inclusive communities are of benefit to everyone – valuing each person and their contribution to community life.  In inclusive communities, all children and adults, including those who have disabilities, should have opportunities and support to:

  • Have a home in the community
  • Learn together
  • Work Together
  • Develop Friendships
  • Participate in and contribute to the life of their community

These opportunities can add up to an inclusive life in the community for everyone!


GCLA is committed to excellence in performance and as such, regularly undergoes accreditation against the following standards.

Human Services Quality Standards (HSQF)
Standard 1 – Governance and Management
Standard 2 – Service Access
Standard 3 – Resonding to Individual Need
Standard 4 – Safety, Well-being and Rights
Standard 5 – Human Resources.
For further details into the 6 standards of HSQF, click the link below:
HSQF Standards

Home Care Common Standards (HCC)
Standard 1 – Effective Management
Standard 2 – Appropriate Access and Service Delivery
Standard 3 – Service User Rights and Responsibilities
For further details into the 3 standards for HCC, click the link below:
HCC Standards


Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy