Your Life Your Choice

GCLA actively assists with families or individuals who may be interested in self directing their own funding. YLYC is Queensland’s preparatory process for the impending arrival of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). GCLA is both a Host Provider and a Service Provider within this process. Host providers will charge an initial establishment fee to set up accounting processes. GCLA charge its existing service users a reduced fee of $500. In addition, host providers make a charge for the on-going administration of the funding package. GCLA offer a single flat fee of 5% to manage a person’s funding package and make services available to them at $58 per hour (Mon-Fri 6pm to 6pm). Case management is not included in the package but is available at $65 per hour.

People have the choice to purchase the services that they have been assessed for from any suitable supplier. There are 7 specific categories of assessed need, they are: –

  • Community access
  • Community support
  • Accommodation support
  • Respite
  • Case management
  • Alternative Forms of Communication
  • Goods and Services

Once assessed for the relevant categories, individuals have the choice where to spend their allocated funding on reasonable and necessary supports.