Letter from Peter Rowe

Hello Tracey, Suzie and Team,

 I hope this email finds everyone in the Gladstone Community Linking Agency happy and healthy. Peter, his Mother Betty and Father Justin have asked that I pass on a very big thank you to you all for giving Peter the opportunity to share his story, and to meet the amazing individuals in your team and from the Gladstone community.

Both myself, Jan and Peter were overwhelmed by the support and assistance given during Peter’s whirlwind visit, particularly by both Suzie and Ruby who went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to assisting with transport and keeping us cool in the Gladstone heat The catering by “TastyTreats” was fabulous and Peter really enjoyed meeting the team and having photos was so much fun , thank you Laurie for making us all laugh 

Peter had a truly wonderful time and has come away feeling very blessed, He looks forward to another visit to Gladstone in the future and certainly looks forward to staying in touch.

 Kindest of regards and many thanks,

 Tracey Wiggins on behalf of

 Facebook: http://facebook.com/pwrowe