Community Linking Agency provides planning that focuses on the gifts, capacities and strengths of people with a disability.

Staff support families and people with a disability to plan a desirable future by assisting them to identify the steps necessary to move toward that future. This is a valuable and practical way to look at a vision that sees people with a disability as belonging in their community. Planning assists families to develop practical skills, to assist them to negotiate paid and unpaid support.

An Individual Personal Plan has the person, their skills and gifts as the focal point, as well as articulating a quality of life.  An Individual Personal Plan is designed to provide information about the person, so that others know how best to support the person day-to-day, based primarily on what is important to the person.

A detailed Personal Plan may take several sessions to develop and will outline:

  • what is important to the person in everyday life and what are the things the person wants,  from their perspective, in order to be happy and fulfilled.
  • what others need to know and do to support the person, so that what is important to the person remains in focus, while any issues of health and safety are addressed.
  • what is important for the person, so we know how to respectfully address significant issues of health and safety, while supporting what is important to the person.
  • how to enable the person to be assisted in the way that suits that person best, giving clear information about the emotional and practical needs of how the person needs and wants to be supported, and how that is expected to happen.
  • how to record daily rituals and routines that provide ease, comfort and pleasure to the person.
  • how to develop ideas for goals that assist in getting more of what is most important to that person.

Individual plans are developed in partnership with the person and/or with people who know the person well, ensuring that the person feels listened to and heard.  It also means that the person or their family do not have to tell their story over and over again.

The Co-ordinator is responsible for ongoing co-ordination, implementation, monitoring of the Individual Personal Plan. A 12 monthly review of the IPP is undertaken with the service user and/or his/her family.

Individual Personal Plans can be used for Respite, School and various other activities the person is involved in.