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🌟 Volunteer Appreciation Post 🌟

At Gladstone Community Linking Agency, our volunteers are essential to our success. Their dedication and kindness help our Aged Care and NDIS participants achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. 💖

We want to extend our gratitude to each of our amazing volunteers. Your selfless contributions make a world of difference, and we couldn't do it without you! 🙏

Thank you for being a source of hope and support in our community. Together, we are stronger and capable of achieving so much more.


Gentle water-based exercise, designed to increase physical fitness for the aged and people who have a disability.

It’s a great 45-minute workout that keeps you cool all year round, followed by a light refreshment for morning tea with a tea or coffee.

Gladstone Aquatic Centre
60 Tank Street, West Gladstone
Monday’s 9.15 am, 10.15 am & 11.15 am
Friday’s 9.15 am & 10.15 am

The GCLA Aquafit program is specifically designed for individuals on CHSP or HCP funding, with acceptance criteria including, but not limited to, being over 65 years of age (or 55 years old for Indigenous customers) and having an independence level suitable for group hydrotherapy. NDIS or fee-for-service customers may also be eligible but are expected to meet the above criteria and more.

If you would like to engage, register, or refer any friends or family for these services, please contact the Aged Care Team on (07) 49728855

The Hub Programs

Calendar of Events


My Life Rulz
My Life Rulz is about leading a balanced life. We focus on learning how to take responsibility for the choices we make, to obtain a healthy balanced lifestyle, through exercise, education, and nutrition.

At Monday- Funday we focus on learning how to take responsibility for the choices we make to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle through exercise, education, and nutrition.


My House Rulz
My House Rulz is a group that focuses on learning and developing everyday life skills to increase independence and control. To focus on practical skills that customers can use immediately and in the future.


Yahoo is our social day to share ordinary places and to feel a sense of belonging and connection within our community.

Flavours Masters
Flavour Masters is a cooking group to gain independence, knowledge, and skills around preparing and cooking everyday basic meals.


Chill Out Squad
Chill Out Squad is aimed to improve a healthy lifestyle and we focus on learning how to take responsibility for our own choices.

Rock school
Our Rock band is a way for you to learn new musical instruments and express hidden talents. We often perform to live audiences throughout the region.


Super Girls
Exciting News! The Hub is thrilled to announce the launch of our fresh, weekly program - welcoming the vibrant "Super Girls" every Friday.
Super Girls is committed to nurturing self-care, personal presence, and building community connections. Participants actively engage in our community events. Join a fantastic group of ladies sharing common interests, the empowering spirit of girl power, and explore learning about hair, nails, wellness, styling your home, and more!
Please phone us on 07 4972 8855 to book!

The Port Curtis Programs


CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) and HCP (Home Care Package) customers welcome

There are various activities on a monthly calendar including guest performers, outdoor activities, bingo, hoy, bobs, word games, crafts, gentle exercise, themed events and much more

Come along and join in on the fun


Port Curtis RnR Program of January
Chair Exercises
Stretch Exercises
Music with Pat & Dave
Blokes Business
Australia Day party (24th)
Fun and Games


Port Curtis RnR Program for January
Noodle Exercises
Mini Golf
White Board Games
Golden Girls
Floor Quoits
Ball Exercises
Garden Walks


‍Port Curtis RnR program for January
Stretch Exercises
Noodle Exercises
Bunnings Visit
Gazebo chats
Music with Lindsay & Dea
Music with The Gukes
Blokes Busines


Port Curtis RnR
Ball Exercises
Noodle Exercises
Stretch Exercises
Whiteboard Trivia
Music with Paton's
Golden Girls