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GCLA : Your Trusted Local Home Care Packages Provider

Are you looking for compassionate and personalised care for your loved ones in the comfort of their own home?

At GCLA, we believe in enhancing your quality of life by providing tailored home care packages designed to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose GCLA? 
First and foremost, choose a home care provider who has a variety of care options. At GCLA our home care customers have the opportunity to receive their services at home, or supported out and about in the community or benefit from our Port Curtis Day Respite centre, our Aquafit program or perhaps our overnight cottage respite service.

Secondly, choose a provider who has a full suite or staffing options. At GCLA we have our experienced Support workers, our Ground control gardening team, our clinical team which includes both Registered and Enrolled Nurses and our Allied health professionals, both on staff and those we contract to.  If you’re needing a specialist service type, chances are we have that already! 

Thirdly, choose a local provider who knows the needs of the community you live.  We’re a true local Not for Profit organisation and have been providing services in the region for decades, so we know what’s important to the local community we strive to support locals to continue living their best lives.

Fourthly, make sure your provider is upfront in regard to fees and costs.  At GCLA we have a comprehensive price guide, so you know the costs of all services and how they will be budgeted into your home care package.

Finally, make sure your provider has a clear way of managing feedback. At GCLA we value your feedback, we look to always ensure our customers and family have a voice, can at any time provide us suggestions, feedback and we have customer reference groups where we listen, take advise and collaborate on how we provide care and services into the community.  Afterall, its all about our customers !

GCLA provide local home care packages assisting your family members to maintain their independence and wellbeing. With a range of services, these packages ensure that your loved ones receive the care and attention they deserve.
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Our Aged Care Services

We offer Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Services and can also provide you with private or fee for service options.  Our Aged care services are aimed at keeping you well, independent and living your best life.  We can tailor a solution that best suits your needs.  

Personal Care 

Support workers can assist you with a range of personal care supports including, hygiene assistance, assistance with aids and appliances or assistance with your continence care needs. 

Medical Appointments

Transportation assistance service specifically designed to ensure elderly individuals attend their medical appointments safely and on time.

Nursing Services

Our Nursing team are able to assist you with your clinical requirements including wound care, catheter management and provide support and education around your health needs.   


Gentle water-based exercise designed to increase physical fitness for the aged and people who have a disability.

Home Care Packages

A Home Care Package is a government-funded program that allows older people to receive care services in their own home, so they can live independently for as long as possible.

Meal Preparation

We specialise in providing food preparation assistance specifically tailored for aged care. We understand that seniors may face unique challenges when it comes to meal planning and cooking, and our goal is to make their food preparation experience safe, convenient, and enjoyable. 


Our Allied health team will work with you to design a program to assist with your individual needs to improve your confidence, your mobility, your independence and wellbeing


As a provider of the Commonwealth Home Support Program we have a number of services that are aimed at providing entry level support, ask us to provide you more information around these programs

Day Respite or Overnight Care.

Our programs offer a supportive environment where participants can take a break from their daily routines and receive personalised care. We offer engaging activities, round-the-clock assistance, and a comfortable setting to enhance their well-being.


Our Port Curtis RnR provides a range of activities and social opportunities.

Fee for Service 

It is an individual form of payment for healthcare services to provide you with support services when needed.

Ground Control, Domestic Gardening Assistance

Our Ground control team pride themselves on providing you a domestic gardening service. Including lawn mowing, pruning, pressure washing of paths as well as completing other essential gardening activities aimed at keeping your outdoor areas safe.

Your Trusted Local Home Care Package Provider

What is a Home Care Package?

Home care package 
Home Care packages are government funded services which are aimed at providing support to senior Australians to assist them to stay independent at home for as long as possible.  To help meet the needs of persons who require different amounts of support the government has provided four different levels of Home Care Packages. The benefit of a home care package is that we will work with you so that you choose the care and services that best suite your needs and goals.   

  • Level 1 Home care package -  provides care to persons who have basic needs, perhaps requiring support only a couple of times a week, or perhaps a combination of support and some other services like lawn mowing. 
  • Level 2 Home care packages - provides assistance to persons who have low level care needs.  This package provides extra funding which may provide for more services, or a greater combination of services, equipment or some specialty services.
  • Level 3 Home Care packages - provides assistance to persons with intermediate care needs.  This level of support would usually include more frequent assistance with a support worker in combination with other speciality services along with support from our Nursing team. 
  • Level 4 Home Care packages - designed for persons with High level care needs.  Often people receiving this level of support have greater Nursing oversight and involvement in their services, along with care provided by support workers and perhaps the provision of specialty equipment or Allied Health services. 
If you have been allocated a Home care Package we can help you tailor a suite of services that best suits your individual needs.   

What is the Commonwealth Home Support Program?

The Commonwealth Home support Program (CHSP) is designed to support older Australians who require a basic level of support to remain independent at home.  The services offered are designed to promote an individuals well- being and assist with their quality of life.

Our support and services we provide through the Commonwealth Home support program include.
Allied Health Services - our Aquafit program is a water-based exercise session which is held in the Hydrotherapy pool at the Gladstone Aquatic & Leisure Centre.  The aim of the program is to increase wellbeing through exercise, to assist with balance, stamina and general fitness. 

Centre Based day respite - our Port Curtis RnR is a safe, welcoming environment where eligible seniors attend for a days activities, including a nutritious lunch and great companionship.  Bus transport may also be available. 

Cottage overnight respite - whether its one night or perhaps a couple, our Port Curtis RnR also hosts two comfortable overnight respite rooms.  Allowing care givers to have a break from their caring duties while eligible persons have a great time at our RnR and enjoy all the activities that happen at the centre. 

Nursing services - Our team of Nurses are able to support you with your clinical needs, whether that’s wound care, health assessments or other clinical interventions, the team will ensure your  health outcomes are their main focus 

Flexible respite - perhaps you require assistance at home while your carer takes a break or perhaps is recovering from a change in their health.  Our experienced staff can care for you at your home so that your needs continue to be maintained. 

Transport assistance – weather it’s assistance to get to a medical appointment or to another appointment, get in contact with us to talk about your transport needs 

Meals - providing nutritious and delicious offerings to ensure your taste buds are tempted.